Different Ways of including and getting at SVG

The whole table works flawlessly in Firefox. In IE there are problems with object and embed and inline works only sort of.

Description Embed Object Inline SVG
Load SVG

In: FF, IE, Sa

In: FF, O8, Sa

In: FF

Manipulate Existing SVG

In: FF, IE

In: FF

You can't display SVG.

In: FF (xhtml), IE (svg:svg), O8


In: FF

In: FF

In: FF, IE, O8

IE Style svg:svg inline include. Inline includes of both types only work in Firefox if it's XHTML type. Creating New SVGs inline works if it's .html extension (with XHTML doctype) but I haven't tried it from a server yet.

Opera Support is spotty. If it doesn't work, I hit reload a few times and it comes up.


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