SVGPlot will be the combination of several things:

The goal is to make these three as clean as possible

I set out to create a plotting program that:

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Looking around, I found most of the existing plotting APIs lacking and decided to start from scratch.

The idea is to plot data sets. You can think of data sets as an area in a spreadsheet or a table in a database. Each piece of data (row) has values for attributes (columns). Plotting is the act of mapping one or more of these attributes to one or more plot characteristics: x-position, y-position, color, shape, size, orientation, panel-number.

Date Temperature Phase of Moon
<plot where the phase of the moon is encoded in little pictures of what the moon would look like in that phase>

The simplest and most common case is plotting one variable against another.

x y
1 1
2 4
3 9
4 16
5 25
6 36

There are two main categories of data, which affect how they are plotted and how ticks and labels are done:

A histogram is a higher-level construct. Here the data isn't directly mapped to the plot, but something is first calculated (how many data points fit into each category) and then the category versus counts are plotted.

Plot Features to Support

Hand Crafted SVGs to guide Development

layout markings gradients

Inspiration/Other Programs

Also see jsxgraph SVG Wikipedia's List_of_information_graphics_software

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